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Why Alsac Car Hire?

Popular Rental Locations
Best price guarantee

We use big data technology to provide you with the best prices.

Award-winning guest services
Thousands of brand models

We offer all vehicles of hundreds of companies in more than 60 cities on one site.

Award-winning guest services
Award-winning guest services

We provide 100% guaranteed service with free cancellation and change.


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Things to do after booking

  • Information Control

    Bring the documents requested from you when you come to collect your vehicle.

  • Bring Documents

    Bring the documents requested from you when you come to collect your vehicle.

  • Keep your Credit Card with you

    When you come to collect the vehicle, do not forget to bring your credit card issued in your name.

  • Don't Be Late

    When renting a car, it is as important to deliver the vehicle to the company on time as it is to receive the vehicle on time. Therefore, take care to deliver it on the date and time specified in the contract.

  • Inspect the Vehicle on Pickup

    When you come to rent the car, inspect the car in detail. If you see any damage, report it to the official and document it with a photo if necessary.


Ankara Attractions

Ankara Castle, which dates back 4000 years, has been used for both defence and settlement purposes by various civilisations and has been repaired many times. This military structure, which is not known exactly when and who built it, has preserved its existence completel...

Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Travel

Firstly, you should decide which size car is suitable for you. If you are going on holiday with your family, it would make sense to rent an open-top two-seater car. You should pay attention to whether there are enough seats for everyone in the car you rent.

Things to Consider When Renting a Car

The first thing you should pay attention to when renting a car is to determine your budget. Determining your budget will guide you to choose the right vehicle. İremtur Car Hire will make it easy to choose the vehicle suitable for your budget with vehicles with different...

Ankara YHT Ticket Prices

TCDD train ticket prices change at certain time intervals